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Call To Artists For Parks Murals

Through a partnership with the Hamilton Parks Conservancy, artist Jenn Acus-Smith has designed six bird-themed murals to be painted in six different Hamilton area parks.

The bright colors and bold designs will enhance the chosen buildings, welcoming residents and creating a strong visual placemaking/branding tool for the Parks Conservancy. This project will encourage fun, family-friendly programming for Hamilton residents and will help people learn more about their natural environment. Jenn will be the lead artist on the project and will hire several local/student artists to assist, providing hands-on training and valuable mural-making experience.



Artists should have some flexible daytime hours to work during the summer of 2017 (each mural will take about 4-6 days depending on building size).

Artists should have some painting experience (mural painting experience helpful, but not required).

  • Local and student artists preferred for this project.

  • Artists must be age 18 or older.

  • Artists must submit a current resume, three painting examples and one reference

  • letter in their application.

  • Artists will be paid a flat rate of $300 per mural.

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