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Jim Grimm Picnic Shelters
Millikin in the Fall
Shelter 18
Beckett's Lodge
Joyce Picnic Grounds
Shelter 5

Picnic Shelters

Picnic shelters are a fun, inexpensive option for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, and family reunions. 

How It Works

Shelters are free to use on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you'd rather not worry about finding an available shelter on the day of your event, you may call or visit the Conservancy office to secure a paid reservation. 

Your rental fee (ranging from $30-85) will guarantee you have a shelter available on the date of your choice, and we'll place a poster on the shelter showing that you have reserved it. 

Rental Policies

Shelters are rented by the day. Hourly rentals are no longer available. 

Payment must be received at the time your reservation is made. We will not hold shelters without payment.

At this time we do not offer refunds for shelter reservations. We will gladly move your reservation to a different date if you give us more than one week's notice.

Calling our office to rent a shelter for an upcoming weekend is cut off Thursdays at 2pm- this is to ensure that there is time to do all reports and get information to the crew.

Shelter Pricing

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